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An Uncertain Environment for US Hospitals

Hospitals in the United States are a collection of not-for-profit, for-profit, and government- sponsored organizations that provide services accounting for one-third of annual national spending for health care. Many hospitals are pillars of their communities as large employers; profitable businesses; and, in their provision of uncompensated care, social welfare agencies. In this Health Affairs variety […]

Making inpatient medication reconciliation patient centered, clinically relevant and implementable: A consensus statement on key principles and necessary first steps

A National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) since 2005, medication reconciliation involves verifying medications and dosages as well as documenting and explaining medication changes. Medication reconciliation has been notoriously difficult to accomplish in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The Joint Commission currently does not evaluate medication reconciliation in accreditation surveys. This consensus statement, endorsed by The Joint […]

HealthGrades Seventh Annual Patient Safety in American Hospitals Study

This report, the latest in an annual series, uses the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs) to estimate the incidence of preventable patient safety events, estimate the attributable morbidity and mortality from such events, and identify hospitals with lower rates of PSIs. It is important to note that prior research has […]

Medicare Says It Won’t Cover Hospital Errors

This article reports on a new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rule mandating that Medicare will no longer pay for treating certain preventable errors starting in 2008, including some hospital-acquired infections, decubitus ulcers, and retained foreign bodies. The policy is generating considerable discussion in patient safety circles, with some expressing concerns regarding the […]

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